Thursday, May 1, 2014

Elsa's Birthday Review, Part 3: The New Bike

And just like that, she can ride a bike!
Must be birthday magic.

  photo 34875c58-7250-40a9-9d0d-d73aae6495ea_zpsbf00f27c.jpg  photo 51f70158-dc40-4ee1-afcd-2092839e5c00_zps4728b032.jpg

She started off in boots, then changed into her sneakers - which helped tremendously. In between she stopped and spun in circles with her arms up - I'm pretty sure she was thinking, "Life is wonderful!"

 photo 7c7f671a-4137-4191-a33b-da5ca8db31df_zps37948a20.jpg  photo f483c58c-aaec-443b-aee0-5c578b210b65_zps3e3e0ebc.jpg  photo 02beaec0-69f7-403e-a0ed-a75d5906695f_zps71415ad9.jpg  photo 90ab1dfb-d27b-4964-b3a0-d3ee797c1200_zps2914e2cb.jpg  photo e6439b50-1471-49fd-8260-be2ce7624251_zps8d7b1bce.jpg 

Coming tomorrow: Part 4, The Cake

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