Friday, May 2, 2014

Elsa's Birthday Review, Part 4: Icing on the Cake

Her First Birthday Cake.

  photo 884e4b63-4d32-4eb4-b7ce-7c8a3f22bcda_zpsae35831b.jpg  photo aed397b9-edeb-411f-9a4b-721aae378086_zps1d7299db.jpg  photo f5c9e5ab-7e74-4291-8b23-d463151f8f8a_zps93e06fcb.jpg

 Below: I perfectly captured Elsa's reaction to a balloon popping unexpectedly!

  photo 8c8c647f-eb34-4a00-8189-298342a3acc1_zps7a4da759.jpg  photo 8b91ce11-d8e7-4ec3-8563-a82f3d18bd41_zps7d277607.jpg

Make a Wish...

  photo 79940758-538a-4613-a46a-4876aa1bc354_zpsfe50c2b5.jpg 

***This birthday is not yet done. The friend party is tomorrow!


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