Thursday, May 22, 2014

Growing Out My Hair - An Update

So, on New Years of 2012 I decided I was going to let my hair grow out the entire year and document it month by month. It started out reeeeaaallly short and grew a considerable amount - as is evident in my final post of that series. That was the end of the dedicated posts, but regardless, I kept growing out my hair. In fact, I let it grow another whole year and then finally trimmed up the ends a few days before Christmas. But other than that trim five months ago, it's just kept on growing.

The thing is, I rarely wear it down. Usually, I braid it or stick it back in a bun. Lately, I have taken to putting my bun off to the side, like so:

 photo a590ae39-6be7-46f8-9b29-8e29dabbab1d_zpsee3f9d09.jpg

 It feels very Spanish and has me longing for a trip to Madrid. 
Hopefully soon...

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