Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Team Banquet

Lorelai's gymnastics team held their annual banquet last night to honor the girls at the end of the 2014 competition season. This was Lorelai's first season competing and we saw tremendous growth between the first and last meets. These girls put in hours upon hours at the gym - and it shows - Lorelai is literally a solid mass of muscle!

I am so proud of Lorelai, at the skills she has learned this year, as well as her ability to carry on during the times that it seemed too difficult to handle (think 3 hours straight of conditioning.)

 photo d027d8fb-f9b4-4c4e-a588-e6600297c254_zps0f7818f3.jpg
Lorelai Leigh, being recognized by her coach, 'Froggy'.

 photo bb035980-72e6-4bb5-8566-9e8be60f5f50_zps3dce1e16.jpg 
The level 3 competing team.

  photo 70a51ad1-d1ca-404b-a5e2-98538f8feb4a_zpsf8a98612.jpg 

Enough fun, now back to the gym! 

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