Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thoughts on Aging

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I was chatting with a woman last week who cares for a disabled man in his mid-twenties. According to her description, he sounds quite similar to Elisabeth.

Here is the interesting thing - she said that even though he is in his mid-twenties, he still looks like a ten year old. I looked at Elisabeth, she is six now, but still looks very much like a baby.

This got me thinking...

How do we age? Why do we age?

Elisabeth and this man both look years younger than they are; they have the mental capacity of babies; they don't process thoughts and ideas; they don't feel stress, anxiety, fear, or a host of other emotions. In short, they are in a permanent state of infancy.

So maybe it isn't the passing of time that ages us, but life experience. And when life experience is limited - as it is with Elisabeth - you are left with a body that grows, but does not age. 

Make sense?

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My forever baby.

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