Monday, June 30, 2014

A post about berries - and musicals!

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This weekend was full and happy. In addition to the usual events (Sound of Music rehearsal, gymnastics, Costco, etc), we went blueberry picking. The weather was perfect and the berries are delicious.

We came home with a whopping six pounds of them:

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First up we are going to make some crepes stuffed with blueberries and mascarpone. Mmmmm...

Donald and I also bought a ton of strawberries at Costco and made some jam - since we were flat out. (And jam is a must around here.)

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 Jam, anyone?

In other news:

Alexandra has been rehearsing like crazy for her upcoming performances of The Sound of Music. Opening night is this Friday!

Tonight begins rehearsals with the live orchestra. I had been on the fence about whether to play or not - part of me wanting to (because you know me and The Sound of Music) and the other part of me knowing that I wanted to be able to sit in the audience and watch Lex. 

In the end I found the perfect compromise: I would play violin opening weekend only - filling in for another violinist who would be out of town. It was the best of both worlds! Play some, watch some.


The music director approached me and said one of the violists had to drop out. 
So now I'm performing all six shows, violin opening weekend, viola the next. 

I hope you'll be able to come! For ticket information, click here.
(Alexandra's cast is performing July 4, 10, 12)

And finally:

Alexandra auditioned a few weeks back for The Academy of Children's Theatre's fall production of Annie. Over 100 girls auditioned and Lex was cast as one of the orphans! I am so proud of her!

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