Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kindergarten: Complete!

I'm sorry, did I just type Kindergarten: Complete as the name of this post? Didn't Elisabeth just start kindergarten? For that matter, wasn't I just getting an ultrasound and hearing the word hydrocephalus for the first time? Seriously, how is this possible? How is Elisabeth already a 1st grader? Craziness, I tell you.

As is tradition in the Sorenson household, I have made a last-day video of Elisabeth. She was so anxious to show off all the skills she has learned this year (wink wink):

As a simple gesture of gratitude, I bought little sock monkey notepads and pens to hand out to Elisabeth's team. I say team, because her classroom has far more than a single teacher. Her nurse - as well as all the aides - took such good care of my little girl. There are very few people I feel comfortable leaving Elisabeth with, but the staff in room 5 was top notch.

 photo 6daabe30-ec66-4bf6-9bd7-e919f10700f0_zps56319066.jpg
Seeing as sock monkey's are Elisabeth trademark, I thought these little gifts were perfect!

I tied a little thank-you to each one:
 photo 93fcacb9-1ebe-4965-ba04-fd6bbd92176a_zps33f7f6a3.jpg

 photo b25118ba-d0d6-4943-8fe5-26d119d862fe_zpsf0e0e345.jpg 
I gave Elisabeth's nurse as well as her teacher a little extra somethin'.

And just because...

It's no secret that I take car selfies with the girls everyday.
This one cracked me up:
 photo 2e6c5c0c-5504-4bd4-a5e0-6b8fe7c8aa51_zps3915525b.jpg 
Lizzy says, "Hey, peeps!"

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