Friday, June 13, 2014

School's Out!


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To thank their teachers for a wonderful year (and a wonderful education!) the girls gave them pineapples. We figure you can't go wrong with a pineapple.

 photo 8b3b6d7c-2727-4aa6-9bb2-c623c7ab8f8d_zpsf9996799.jpg  photo 32c7ce1b-0d8d-494d-b260-6472f480990d_zps1f410a82.jpg  photo 4a93c5cf-4d42-43d3-8f2e-49960080d5da_zps8dbb9986.jpg
[Delivering pineapples to beloved teachers.]

At the end-of-year assembly, Alexandra was called up over and over and over again to receive awards, be recognized, and to perform. She did solos on her guitar and violin, and performed in several group ensembles as well. Alexandra was very involved this year - working in the library, serving on the crossing guard, and playing with the orchestra and marimba band. Let me just say, it was her day to shine! Words cannot express how I felt yesterday, watching Alexandra. She is an outstanding student and always strives for excellence. I am so excited to see what the future holds for her!

 photo 2c8db1b8-c011-4cc3-9cf7-3e2c0aa71c29_zps8efac5de.jpg 
[Alexandra, performing violin, with me accompanying her at the piano. Thank you to whoever texted this to me - I didn't recognize the number.]

  photo 4025ab20-e350-4860-ade0-866e6a75f037_zps081579bc.jpg
 [Lex, with her dual language class. This group has been together since kindergarten!]

  photo b1e89eec-f354-4dd4-badc-67c8e44bb880_zpsa2971232.jpg 

Now off to middle school!

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