Monday, June 16, 2014

A Father's Day Review

Father's Day

  photo 33e1866d-37a2-408e-9820-d7111b5f947e_zpsb1805858.jpg

We were at the kitchen table, enjoying some Father's Day festivities.

Suddenly, we heard Elisabeth struggling and looked back to see her rolling out of her beanbag chair.

 photo a46d0b3e-ce8e-4c36-ac07-4ea858c5a18d_zps19ad9757.jpg

In a flash, Donald was out of his seat and off to rescue his daughter.

Because that's what dads do.

 photo 112d8e5c-8cc4-4d93-b52b-e1bc3f4b3770_zps329d4dcc.jpg
 [Donald with 3/4 of his daughters. 
As you know, the other one is safely snuggled into that beanbag in the background.]

In other news...

Elisabeth has had a cold. 

Yesterday, though, I sensed something more was wrong. As you know, Elisabeth has no way to tell me these things, but having a child that can't communicate has given me extra strong mom instincts (I think). I took her in to the urgent care and sure enough, ear infection + sinus infection.
 photo 3ee7ccb5-c9db-47af-9877-f991cf1e853f_zps2a42973f.jpg
Poor baby.

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