Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why, Hello, Mr. Alligator.

Excuse me, Elsa, but did you know there's an Alligator on your head???

  photo 1e051e5e-2b50-4ed8-bdc2-aba598572705_zps8a8f1de9.jpg

I took my children to our local library for a presentation by the reptile man - who, as you can guess, has a passion for reptiles. The big girls had seen him and his collection of snakes, tortoises, and alligators before (refer to this July 2, 2010 post), but to Elsa it was new. 

I chuckled to myself several times as he said, "Now if you ever go to Africa, watch out for this snake..." 

I'm sure Elsa was thinking, "Yeah, tell me about it."

  photo c56496bf-1a8f-489c-ab36-5e8db81454ef_zps3a261613.jpg  photo db5b86e1-4923-4a22-9671-be5ef20cf4fb_zpsb24c99f0.jpg  photo 381c073a-c1d0-4910-b895-c19b7b384974_zps35fe3eed.jpg  photo daff543a-a813-4f4b-9424-1876b07d1d62_zpsb2d002c4.jpg 

As for Elisabeth, she doesn't find interest in things like snakes and alligators. Rather, she chose to spend time meditating like an old yogiHa!

  photo 3d37fe8c-88b5-4e95-ad03-9fd49a69f463_zpscb2cf945.jpg 

Her flexibility will always and forever amaze me.

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