Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Afternoon Seranade

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Yesterday, Elisabeth was laying on the rug with her sock doll, Helga. I watched as Alexandra carried the kitchen step stool into the family room and set it next to her sister. "I'm going to play for Elisabeth," she announced as she fetched her guitar from the parlor.

I've often been grateful that Elisabeth came to us last in line. Having big sisters means there is constant action and activity happening around her. It also means there are more people to tend to her needs and wants. Sometimes, Lorelai likes to surprise me and get Elisabeth all diapered and dressed in the morning. She even combs her hair and gets her snuggled into her beanbag. And Elsa - oh, how she adores her little sister! She is so tender with her and immediately starts whispering reassuring sentiments like, "It's okay, Sissy is here," when she see's Elisabeth having a seizure.

I constantly try to find ways to enrich Elisabeth's life, but the truth is, nothing could be more enriching than the love and attention she gets from her big sisters.

They are a blessing in her life . . . and she in theirs.

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