Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Recap: Part 2


  photo 5e64b4fb-63ec-448e-9075-10912a7d16c8_zps33fcb1b8.jpg 
Alexandra Louise, lounging in the pool.

  photo dc381300-b650-4852-a3b5-0f5ccbf0b068_zpsd23a23a4.jpg
This baby loves her papa.

  photo 6070e35f-23f9-4c2c-bc4a-2675ec744e93_zps7c6b4eab.jpg
Donald with our four daughters.

 photo ecdc6898-998e-4248-9298-2e513a79e592_zps25668468.jpg 
Lorelai Leigh, living the good life.

  photo e333d0c9-7486-440f-8d9f-8f7551d7a39a_zpse2c3bbe1.jpg


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