Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Recap - Part 1


Oh, what a weekend! We had family come from the other side of the state as well as Utah. It was so fun to be together and celebrate!

We kicked off the weekend with a barbeque in our backyard. I had a blast seeing my girls playing with their cousins. This is always special for me to watch since I myself have no cousins at all, not a one!

 photo df1019ad-527b-4a69-a191-48c16bfe63c9_zps675315f2.jpg

  photo c60dde70-24d6-4896-89fe-985ac4c1ef32_zps01928bae.jpg
[A new flag flying on our homestead.]

  photo f67103e5-23c1-4bdf-991f-aa7ed564104d_zps157738b1.jpg
[How many cousins can you fit on a teeter totter?]

And once the sun set, a little pre-4th-of-July sparkler fun:  photo 5fb70258-9874-4f43-b414-3699dfd86896_zps0dc907f2.jpg  photo bd238245-fe2a-44b0-a7ea-98295d8c2c6e_zpse765912a.jpg  photo b169ec5e-c653-41ab-8a18-b6aba5f51eb1_zps06c90635.jpg  photo 7685e12d-e7a1-4467-a9fd-feb2f655fac8_zps1566962b.jpg


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