Sunday, July 27, 2014


The big girls returned home from camp in time for our annual weenie roast (details tomorrow). Elsa was thrilled to have them home, and they were just as excited to come back. I didn't have any contact with them while they were away, but it sounds like there were several moments where homesick feelings took over. Alexandra said a letter - with tear stains - should be showing up in the mailbox any day.

But despite those moments, they had a fun and successful trip to camp. They've been relaying stories about swimming in the lake, skit night, and favorite counselors. I've also been serenaded by all of the camp songs they learned - and let me tell you, they are quite entertaining!

 photo ec89d040-f4ff-400e-a196-8fb90de6a19a_zps6afc2ef6.jpg  photo dfd46b97-e4bd-458e-908b-ebc368a1839a_zpsc7dbb7ab.jpg  photo 4dee7197-94e4-4da0-9510-7fdad7860121_zps0dbe6517.jpg  photo 753466ef-1936-430f-aaed-cc0402216642_zpsbad9a02c.jpg  photo 01f40677-0af8-460f-ab83-8c40cd47f0e5_zps0f7d046b.jpg
Back with all of my babies again! 


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