Monday, July 28, 2014

The 2nd Annual Sorenson Family Weenie Roast

Let there be hot dogs!  photo 9ea7e8ae-6bc8-4780-ba2d-d3f6fb50820d_zpse42e3165.jpg  photo c9e7fd78-45e9-49be-a57b-9efd677d2237_zpsb8956bb5.jpg

Food galore!
  photo 509c9e4e-e97a-4d0d-a99b-f5fbbd87e17d_zps3c8947d0.jpg

How many children can you fit on one teeter totter?
  photo 1675478f-f515-4991-98f6-f39e43246bc0_zps6ab61602.jpg  photo 51ea4f67-c6d6-452c-a99b-89e67ed9c299_zps81cb5775.jpg

Elisabeth and her cousin, Madelyn, who was born the day after her: photo 117a7e1a-cfd7-4b22-8ace-ec20e9b3517e_zps0358dcad.jpg
Click here to see these two sweet girls pictured together when they were just one year old, and again days after their third birthdays.

Elsa perked up enough to get out and play...though she was slightly depressed that she couldn't eat anything (this girl LOVES hotdogs!).
  photo 2b85c279-a444-4c6a-a900-ec2500de25f6_zpse17b1d08.jpg  photo fe64c747-21e0-4c62-963e-84f352f03b12_zps4177c5b7.jpg

 photo 5eb2b188-9f73-4f3e-800a-dbeeb92918c8_zpsd16ad355.jpg

The grill master.
  photo 3e90753d-d767-471f-80c4-30b21755b792_zpsa6b478c5.jpg  photo 3dd67775-0159-4f92-a168-65ecc9963974_zpsc3ef87eb.jpg  photo 2e8a8627-8e95-44ae-a46c-a123aaf83541_zps2f06f3f5.jpg  photo daaa72f8-483d-4899-a3f6-98f55882e12d_zpsb759395c.jpg
Hot Diggity Dog!

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