Monday, July 14, 2014

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye.

The Sound of Music has officially come to an end. As we drove home last night Alexandra sighed deeply and said, "Well, that door has closed."  

Naturally, I had to pick up where she left off and quote directly from the musical.... "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window."

Then we talked about all the fun and exciting things she has to look forward to... Girl Scout camp, and a southern California vacation. Plus, rehearsals for Annie start up next month.

Life brings many experiences. Sometimes, you don't want them to be over. Alexandra even told me she wanted time to freeze on Saturday; for it to just stop so she could be in The Sound of Music forever. But life doesn't work that way, time doesn't work that way. It always marches on - and brings new adventures with it.

The good news is that we can keep each past experience with us in our memories. Indeed, each milestone we hit in life - each significant moment - can be held onto like a valuable gem. We can store them up in the great treasury of our mind and call on them as often as we wish. And not only can we remember those defining moments of our past, but we can use them to guide our future.

Without a doubt, this has been the richest experience of Alexandra's life thus far. Oh, the changes I have seen in her in just three short months! Her maturity has grown and her confidence has skyrocketed. What a gift that is during these formative years - especially as she prepares to enter middle school this fall. I hope that as that new door opens, she will use this experience - this gem - to stay strong, remember who she is, and keep focused on the rich future that awaits her.

One last look at the wardrobe of Marta Von Trapp:

 photo fc40fb63-1cf4-425c-b3a3-8adfed8950d6_zps519d6fcb.jpg  photo d5c9fc8a-8cfa-4f6f-a526-4d51eae3c49e_zpse393e41a.jpg Uniform..........................................Nightgown

 photo 3a0d11d2-116e-4b52-8473-06695f1dca55_zpseede8a43.jpg  photo b6a4c730-23e2-4020-81a7-a022739352f6_zps90c7d0e5.jpg
Curtain clothes.........................................Party dress

  photo 08d0f6ed-a616-4306-a974-c00f2b0f98cd_zpse32c0930.jpg  photo a4986303-1b8e-486f-a4f4-1e91812c1827_zps2233fa2e.jpg
Play clothes..............................Wedding outfit

  photo 2b541a56-3ea8-4018-a486-ec90f4915f4a_zpsea92d65a.jpg
Concert dress

  photo 00dd7314-41e1-494d-92b0-5a2e5eaefad8_zps14fe5c7b.jpg
Captain Von Trapp gave all the kids in the cast gifts...Alexandra got a bear with a necklace that says Marta. What a keepsake for her to have!

  photo d331db2b-460c-4dbe-bedb-c05ae188496a_zpsbdd1c85e.jpg
Alexandra with some of her Von Trapp siblings.

 So long, 

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