Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Colorful Corner of the World

Alexandra and Lorelai attended a little day camp at church last week and came home with watercolor paintings. I knew immediately where to hang them - on a bare wall next to the rainbow bookcase:

  photo 0cfb8ad5-b854-4300-ae50-eb618b6b9bbd_zps8579b228.jpg

My philosophy in regards to decor has changed in recent years. Where I used to think my home should be magazine worthy, now I just think it should represent us. So I hang artwork made by the girls, paintings of my grandfathers, and other family pictures and treasures.

So when you walk in my front door, not only will you be greeted by a 4 1/2 foot giraffe, but you will see this, too:

 photo 2bc82ca8-acb9-4000-9646-f7e156fd781f_zps3ece9116.jpg photo 85b1d6ff-90cf-4666-837b-635454893e90_zps806921c8.jpg   photo cc017de0-e3c0-4c09-8937-dc6cad8ed7a7_zps6d3d1112.jpg
[A rainbow heart made by Elsa; a long tape declaring I love you Mommy and Daddy by Lorelai.]

You'll also discover:

  photo 45f2e418-54cb-435e-959e-cb8d479707b7_zps38b51913.jpg
[A family portrait drawn by Elsa and a star ornament made by my friend, Charlene.]

Of course, as new masterpieces are created, I rotate them out. Many of them end up on the art wall in my bedroom, while others are tucked safely into their art portfolios.

My home is far from a showpiece in the traditional sense of the word, but I love that we have created a museum of our own. A colorful little corner of the world that is unlike any other; a place that is unique and represents who we are.

And there's no doubt about it - we're one of a kind! 
 photo a1d1eb5a-c76f-4cec-87ad-daf9e3372c1b_zpsa81b7dfe.jpg 
[Elsa Lelise, having fun with eye shadow.]

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