Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Mighty Columbia

An evening on the river...

  photo 55b22db1-a080-4a2a-8a07-088d56ba267e_zps8b981985.jpg  photo 24c1560b-e665-4194-be1f-efba2d668630_zpsa4e985b2.jpg  photo e17046f9-35c2-42d5-a9ae-479d72c40ade_zpseefa7ae0.jpg  photo a6885779-8c92-4af9-8fbe-d3e352fc4cc5_zpsbb6f9f0b.jpg  photo c644bd86-644f-48d6-b434-06a7d8e65da1_zpsdb4c1ea7.jpg  photo 6d338da9-8dd0-472b-a7d0-8f5a6798ec8a_zps888efcf9.jpg  photo e25e188e-fe50-46e9-84ad-feab8191368a_zps1ae9b5ab.jpg  photo fd023940-36a4-485d-be08-60b3b9fecc5f_zps74079834.jpg  photo 1adc180c-0568-4b23-bf66-ee87b5f013a4_zps3318675e.jpg  photo ec92b70d-7a62-49f6-abbe-5da1bbb02329_zps28940c96.jpg
  photo 8353e318-e88b-4f77-93ed-0684d0848ef5_zpsf7b33f85.jpg

Thank you so much to our dear friends, the Norris', for taking us out on their boat. What a neat - and fun - experience for Elsa! The last time she was in a river it was to bathe and wash clothes. She's definitely not in Dunchai anymore! 

[Video of Elsa tubing to be added soon! So check back!]

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