Thursday, July 3, 2014

They're Comin' Out!

"I'm getting my tonsils taken out!"

  photo 59f177bd-2e3e-4c2b-b970-5793a67a7445_zps65e15d13.jpg


This has been the longest process in the history of medical processes. I have been working on this since the new year! Things just seem to drrraaaaaaaag in the ENT world - quite different from the world of neurosurgery, I must say. Brain surgeons are a little more eager to operate, I guess. They get you in and out in a flash. Not the case wth the ear, nose, throat took 8 weeks to see a doctor to go over results from the sleep study.

But, at long last we have made it to the end of the road. We have a date set to have Elsa's tonsils and adenoids removed.


Picture of the Day:
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