Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Case in Point

 photo d8b981b7-15b7-449a-af82-9cdef3f7109d_zpsfd7fdd1c.jpg  photo f98adfd3-315c-4f51-a8ea-6d16b5eea213_zpsd7372c4a.jpg  photo d22d4d91-3931-45a4-abb5-5761df72f338_zps0b389fae.jpg

My favorite parts of these pictures:

~ Big sisters tending to their little sister.
~ Elisabeth lounging with her hands behind her head - like a queen!
~ Lorelai rolling around in the background
~ Brigitta sniffing for food in the kitchen (I NEVER have to sweep anymore. She's a canine vacuum.)

In other news... 

Remember yesterday when I was talking about Alexandra's new-found self confidence??

Yeah well...

  photo 5fc64e93-6bb5-4377-961c-9f4ae9f04587_zps3977959a.jpg

She taped a paper that states, "Alexandra is" to my pillow that reads "Practically Perfect in Every Way" 

Case in point.

 photo 99cc8acb-4d30-4d4e-8918-ee36e190f7bd_zps12509cb8.jpg

[Alexandra, trying out the harp during rehearsal last night. The show is being performed at an outdoor amphitheater just next to the river. It's the perfect location for a summer musical - especially this one! Click here for ticket information and show details.]

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