Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Beauty is Pain"

Elsa has wanted long hair for a long time - ever since we took out the extensions she had done in Ethiopia some eight months ago. Her dream came true this week when my mom scheduled a hair appointment at the salon she manages.

She was thrilled - until she remembered just how painful it is...
  photo 3f14ab5e-53db-44ce-acbc-173448837579_zps335d5b99.jpg

The stylists kept telling her,

"Beauty is pain, 
beauty is pain."

  photo fc0887e9-5ff7-4b2c-abee-f7bd57a2810a_zps8b256547.jpg  photo 5b7e08f2-d09a-475b-95a8-54eca71063ef_zps6f63b5f4.jpg  photo 839c8a41-f9d2-46dc-8430-8f05d2189c91_zpsb42eb903.jpg  photo ae663720-486d-4fbb-ad0c-31c83f482b39_zps97d24e87.jpg  photo b8d16710-6aaf-4640-8c0a-e5a064026d37_zpsab51537e.jpg 

If you ask Elsa I'm pretty sure she'll tell you, the pain is worth it.

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