Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello, California!

We drove and drove and drove.

And while we drove we kept busy by doing things like pretending to be opera singers:

  photo ffefb85b-df35-4b55-9ac2-2c6073f604ea_zps8b582980.jpg

Sometimes I would look at my phone and see messages from Lorelai that looked like this:

  photo 28ff9517-8e92-4b44-9934-5ec7a9f86d3e_zps5e68e727.jpg
 "You are the best mom ever"

Other times I would look back and see this:

  photo ef8f84ea-d793-4643-a519-53fd8d50e307_zpsd38d3330.jpg

And finally...

We made it!

 photo e1291376-bfb7-4393-8ef2-cca1dc9bcfa5_zps6a4247f5.jpg

I was raised in these hills.

 photo 87d45eaf-3675-481e-8bc9-51dfc3fd1057_zpsbfae48b1.jpg
Snuggles with Oma.

  photo cfa0c63a-4d8d-408d-929f-5668678b2263_zps8bdf49c7.jpg

See that painting back there? That's a Mary Blair - an honest to goodness Mary Blair.
Every time I walk by I am a bit in awe.

And to end the day? 
Mexican food and frozen yogurt.

 photo 60f1e9db-512e-4d11-a7a6-d631cccbeefc_zpse7d0c223.jpg  photo 59550dcf-c6d9-4cb6-bc62-526d86c1da6b_zps08f3d68e.jpg 

Isn't that what southern California is all about?

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