Sunday, September 28, 2014

Car Selfies: Part II

Documenting our days going here, there, and everywhere.

  photo ee03c199-3ae2-4ccb-8c9d-a63e361e1ed8_zps88d2f183.jpg
I'm digging the big yellow hair bow on Elsa.

  photo 24fdadfd-ddcc-4281-918b-2a48f0df7e2f_zpsb83c1cfe.jpg
Either I'm crooked, or my sunglasses are.

  photo 7dba23db-e834-479f-9898-6c3e136d120f_zpscd570152.jpg
 You can tell Lex is in middle school now...she isn't in our morning selfie shots.

  photo 4fdefd35-e691-46f5-807c-695909dd00b7_zpsd7c4149d.jpg
There she is! (With a friend along for the ride). Do you like how Elsa is giving her bunny ears?

 photo 9bfc4810-9bb5-42a4-b0f7-d28aea75d55b_zps050fa181.jpg
A flower wreath and a peace sign. Alexandra is so hippie.

 photo 21857597-05f6-4236-8337-742a86068d61_zps3605e875.jpg
Ha! Elsa is fierce!

 photo 6ace7934-b917-43c5-b1e4-56f8e49a3b37_zpse5e6d826.jpg

Good times, good times.

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