Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Why I Should Be Happy"

Would you believe me if I told you that prior to this past weekend, my girls had never been miniature golfing? They had been wanting to go for a while now and finally the perfect day arose: the calendar was open, and the weather was glorious.

 photo e9543f60-df90-416c-8478-13b920a1eb33_zps6bb16ba3.jpg  photo 45c5359a-5a54-481e-93f7-dbb640eab65c_zpsf4a41265.jpg  photo 18c74f52-e1a2-437c-b8c0-23d408bf4ac0_zps3a451b52.jpg  photo d8f572fa-eaef-43c5-a567-3804844d28ff_zpsda1f5e2d.jpg  photo aa46c372-58b8-4aec-b166-0d3ab4ba5708_zps032fd551.jpg  photo 26736181-bfa0-46d1-b829-99d74f89e407_zpsbb98bebe.jpg

Now didn't that look fun?

The truth:

There was a lot of grumbling. A lot of complaining. A lot of 'this game is dumb' and 'this is impossible'. You see, my girls happen to be little perfectionists and if something doesn't come easy to them they get a teensy bit frustrated.

Then I got frustrated because they were supposed to be having fun. So naturally I set in on one of my world-famous-lectures and had them come home and write essays titled, 'Why I should be happy'. The finished products were pretty awesome and are now safely filed away. 

I'll pull them out for reference the next time we go miniature golfing.

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