Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fit For a Queen

At long last Elisabeth is getting her new wheelchair!

 photo ae2ecf95-597d-45e4-86bb-f5bdab0316d7_zpsd6be4bff.jpg

Yesterday, she and I traveled to Spokane for a fitting. They sat her in a mock seat that formed to the shape of her body, and from that mold they will make a custom chair fit for a queen! This is long overdue seeing as her crooked and hunched back doesn't sit comfortably into the flat-backed wheelchair she currently has.

 photo f9e34e93-33da-4867-88e8-02bfcedf99b5_zps6419b582.jpg

Of course, the most important detail was choosing the color for the frame. There were 20 some-odd choices, so we put it to a vote. Each able bodied member of the family (sorry Elisabeth) cast votes for their top three, those top three were assigned point values, and from there the winner was made clear....



Glow is a sort of sparkly white - perfect to represent Elisabeth's angelic nature.

 photo 3598cfc4-8757-4614-af51-5799e3705c8a_zps5546a8a4.jpg

Her chair should arrive in about three weeks!

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