Monday, October 13, 2014

The House That Built Me

Last night I opened my email and was about to delete what appeared to be junk mail from Zillow when the subject line caught my eye:

Just listed for sale: 9065 E Lupine Ave...


That was my childhood home in Scottsdale. We moved there when the home was brand new in 1985 and left for California in 1988. How in the world did Zillow link it to me??

Naturally, I was tempted to look through all 25 pictures of the inside. I almost wish I hadn't. Those few years of childhood are the ones I treasure the most. They contain the happiest memories, almost all of which take place in that home. And the mental image of that home had remained the same in my head until last night when I got a tour of the 'new improved' version (blah!).

I was telling Donald about it and showing him the pictures: where we'd hang our stockings, the double closets in me and my sisters bedroom, the backyard pool where I learned to swim.

"This reminds me of a Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me," he said, 
then went to YouTube to play it for me:

If you want an inside peek at the house that built me - a look at that pool and those double closets, click here.

Who knows, maybe you'll want to buy it.

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