Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Review 2014

*The Costumes*

Elsa as a dinosaur...

  photo a1bf25e2-3c7e-4d13-a779-cf6b7e117e67_zpsb1c757a2.jpg

You might remember Alexandra and Lorelai wearing this same costume in years past. My mother sewed it for me to wear Halloween night, 1987. I love that Elsa got to follow in the tradition!

  photo 2b49197c-b5a4-4e14-b1c3-c2f2a7aa84dd_zps031d205b.jpg  photo 0d7f4d93-1171-4e6b-bfa8-388f417c4c19_zps46c8dc3c.jpg

Lorelai as Peter Pan...

 photo bfa9bd0c-8c61-4a61-afcc-9baa62187a44_zpsa289420d.jpg
   photo 4be4477b-a41e-4cf9-943d-7893c5132056_zps50eb6880.jpg  photo 5eda02b7-aac3-4829-91f1-2e93aed863b9_zps546c61d4.jpg

Alexandra as an equestrian...

 photo 555963fd-8ab6-4ce2-a55a-de00959e63b6_zps9175c2d8.jpg  photo d7731449-2f7a-4e97-8e7f-199eaed512b4_zps29d7dfa8.jpg  photo af558dcc-6ff5-460f-9eb1-2a3bf13446f1_zps548f587d.jpg

Peter Pan attacks Dinosaur. 
Equestrian attacks Peter Pan:

 photo ae7a9d93-3e0a-48c0-b38d-7400e9840994_zps15b12829.jpg  photo 71ebd7e4-da86-4554-8797-9340653b1416_zps03fa95bb.jpg  photo ca7ae5fa-2095-4d3f-aa75-2076faef7ff2_zpsc89e6c7b.jpg  photo 63d5028e-ad76-4dfe-b43b-d581d75bbcad_zpsb69f457c.jpg

Then twas time to bring  
The Queen of Halloween 
out to join her sisters for a picture...

 photo 02ac6d84-ddc7-49f2-8c66-b3eb596db189_zpsbea15b2a.jpg
(You'll notice that Lorelai stays in character all the while.)

 photo 844666e1-b5cc-45de-86ca-9ffb206d7d0c_zpsc6fb5b57.jpg

Elisabeth had just suffered a seizure, so there was no getting her to hold her head up. But here's a picture from earlier that day to show you why she has earned the title 
The Queen of Halloween:

 photo bd1fe5d9-8b0c-465b-bb01-7599f8ab519e_zps6672381c.jpg

As the sun set we lit the jack-o-lanterns...
 photo 07609e7b-cb93-452d-9a0b-00f35be9334f_zps14ad93d7.jpg  photo ef3250ed-2833-42c1-9f27-e8ce6325ad56_zps1ec4aa61.jpg

And sent the children off to explore the neighborhood and collect candy galore!

 photo e601eb3c-3799-40c5-8758-aff7e3df3c2f_zps42bd08cc.jpg


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