Monday, November 3, 2014

The Green Room, A History

Well, what can I say? We gave it the old college try. But...

We had to move Elsa to her own bedroom.

If you recall, Elsa had a problem with snoring; she snored really loud. So for months and months and months she and Lorelai took turns sleeping on an air mattress in the computer room. We were finally able to get Elsa's tonsils removed in July with the hope that it would resolve the problem and the two girls could sleep in the same room. Well, her snoring is much improved, but not completely gone. Plus, she breaths heavily while sleeping and both those things combined meant that Lorelai still couldn't sleep a wink.

So we finally decided to move Elsa into the green room

The green room has served many purposes over the years:

Lorelai's Nursery - 2005

(I was too lazy to scan a picture. Maybe tomorrow.)

Alexandra's room - 2007

 Play Room - 2008

Elisabeth's room - 2011
(The girls had created a clothes line with her feeding pump stand)

The Computer Room - 2014  photo 462dc3f9-08e8-4da2-a34c-a5f5d172975a_zpsa1edc87a.jpg

And now...

Elsa's Bedroom!

 photo c71a499b-d9a9-49d0-a123-72246127d3bc_zps4b763fde.jpg 

It's coming together well, though I need to buy some storage and create some art for the walls.

 photo 5adc2d75-a038-42a9-b9fc-5f34f1b148ce_zpsdc8f976b.jpg 

And a peek at Lorelai's new room:
 photo 105aa355-410e-4fae-a265-6878ba6e5d34_zpsf179ff5d.jpg 

Since Lorelai has the largest bedroom, we moved the computer desk along with one of the computers into it. We put the second computer into Alexandra's room - she stays up way too late watching Netflix now. Ha ha!

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