Friday, January 2, 2015

Birthday Thoughts

Yesterday the world celebrated its new year.

And today, I celebrate my new year!

  photo 06504af1-c429-49ec-af87-79167f962701_zpsba5f369c.jpg 
[My daughters and me on my 35th birthday.]

34 was a wonderful year for me. With the children getting older and more independent (and with all four of them in school all day), I find that I am feeling more and more like my own person again rather than just mom. Don't get me wrong, we all know how much I cherish my role as a mother, but after 12 years it feels good  to discover a bit of my own identity again. Specifically, I enjoyed how much I was able to perform on violin and viola last year. In addition to small gigs at weddings and benefit fundraisers, I performed in four symphony concerts, four musicals, one play, and two musical collaborations each with the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers and the Mid-Columbia Ballet.

So even though I loved the baby/toddler stage while it lasted, it feels good to watch the girls grow into young ladies, and at the same time reclaim a little bit of Lisa. 

Yes, life at 35 is absolutely swell.


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