Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Middle School Selfie

During Elsa's basketball practice Alexandra continued to
try and teach me the art of the middle school selfie:

 photo 5bab99e9-491a-4609-8bcb-5ab4aa25c979_zps1c845b85.jpg  photo 032b8ac2-bc10-42c4-b78e-f69af756d9c1_zps86cc26ca.jpg 

"No, mom, the girls at school do it like this..."

  photo 52b13a0b-a830-48ad-a132-c80dc421f915_zps6306c7c4.jpg   photo 12b013ca-45cf-4ecc-ab61-c527f634055e_zps7f764048.jpg

"But they hold their hand in front of their mouth. And open your eyes real wide."

 photo 8ccbed2a-fe7e-42fe-b1ef-1bfff2372b7f_zps5054e0da.jpg   photo 74ef9ea4-bfa5-4924-8361-cc8fb8d11f54_zps2d078b86.jpg 

"And then try to get the shot so just your chin is showing."

  photo b98bd60a-479e-400a-a262-8da3f04d0c24_zpse4b7c975.jpg  photo 374b63af-def1-48f4-8892-d299de0c5909_zpsd3452ef2.jpg 

That's the best I could do.
I was too busy laughing.

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