Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Sorenson Family Bowlers!

On my birthday we went bowling!

We hadn't been in at least five years, maybe more, and of course for Elsa it was the first time...

 photo 4180b1ce-6e7a-4f50-ba60-55d896fc55c5_zpsc73c6798.jpg 
  photo 1270c1a6-ae13-4ca7-9edf-c66425f2265d_zpse00a2323.jpg  photo 0d1e8d70-2869-4418-8e2a-eb26f3ee7142_zpse5084b06.jpg

And naturally, while we bowled, Elisabeth did this:

  photo 655f4317-72c5-4d70-9f2a-a87e8ba8faf7_zps86762ddd.jpg

After bowling (I won!!!!!) we dined at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then came home and celebrated with a chocolate cake - would you expect anything else??

 photo 262d3337-9095-46b4-91f5-c6e098de833a_zps9c198ecb.jpg

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