Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scream, by golly!

The moment we walked in the door this afternoon, 
Elisabeth began screaming her head off. 

Not with frustration or anger, but with enthusiasm and gusto

She had a lot to say and she was gonna say it, by golly!

  photo 90c8986c-7967-42d9-88af-5c5e80398354_zps9a72d7ff.jpg  photo d5042e19-2253-49ae-a147-dde5ac4242c6_zpscd920fbe.jpg  photo e3abed09-b440-4ac5-93ec-3366c16cd73e_zpsf7f51e75.jpg 

I'm pretty sure Edvard Munch would love to paint a scream that spectacular!

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