Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seizures are Down, Smiles are Up!

Elisabeth has had a very good week.

Seizures have been minimal - I've probably only seen one or two a day. And - as always when she gets a break from seizures - I've seen her come to life.

She spends less time sleeping and more time playing and smiling.

She's even been sitting upright for long periods at a time.

It's miraculous.

 photo eda81ed4-4085-46f1-bd32-b5a7baf044f0_zps12c2bd32.jpg  photo 4d52bac2-6218-491c-80c9-a557f631f4bb_zps221e165d.jpg  photo 8ce69c57-ef3c-43c6-bb58-d394aebda37c_zps076ebac7.jpg  photo 9a7a48e4-e966-475d-870d-7a897ce7e609_zps1d2180cb.jpg 

^ ^ ^ Check out those smiles! I miss them when they are away!

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