Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Peculiar Bibliophile

Bibliophile  noun: a person who loves or collects books

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There is a thrill I get with books. The way they feel, the way they smell, the thoughts and ideas written on the pages. It excites me.

Above my fireplace I have all my most colorful books stacked in rainbow order. It's like a waterfall of books and it makes me immensely happy.

Of course, with all my colorfully bound books on display there, it left the neutral toned books to go on my bookcase in the corner - all the black, brown, tan, and gray. The bookcase looked drab and lifeless. So I did the only logical thing... I flipped them around so the spines faced backwards, leaving the bright white pages visible.

Alexandra thought I was crazy.

I thought I was brilliant. Peculiar, but brilliant.

 photo a0fdfa47-6880-4f22-85af-9797fc510066_zpsu9vmtxfb.jpg  photo 925bd90f-8625-42e3-882e-74426f75d628_zpsvd4wvkcw.jpg  photo eb8fd3f7-de48-40d3-8003-84ffb913e515_zpsibphusm4.jpg  photo 0c93c90e-e6f5-4acc-b01c-9a0d7d9f2dd0_zpsrayyx3jo.jpg 

That little figurine of the woman is the one souvenir I bought myself in Ethiopia.
We named her Seyba - after Elsa's birth mother.

  photo 35d6be94-8331-44f5-ae57-a87b813c8d92_zps8e1sh57l.jpg 

I call this the bookcase o' mystery - because when you pull a book off the shelf, 
you never know what you're going to get!

Side note: I am about to start cataloging all my books, so they will probably only remain this way a short while longer. But that's okay, I like to change things up every few months!

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