Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Seizure and the Makeup Brush

I was putting makeup on in my bathroom when Elisabeth began having a seizure. Immediately, I ran to her side and assured her that Mamma was there. I looked down at my hand and realized I was still holding a makeup brush. So I took it and gently began stroking her cheek with the soft bristles. I thought perhaps it would soothe her, comfort her.

 photo 4b07cd33-0f8a-4a87-86fe-ad13ff27df53_zps8gbxd1vr.jpg  photo 67b2367d-3017-4245-8bb5-5b0a97a82de2_zpskpyklspe.jpg  photo 62854041-4d4e-4b82-adaf-942317c14466_zpslzq2ignq.jpg  photo 8f4fd9cd-a2cd-4952-a73e-d211915d935d_zpsgwxjl2zq.jpg 

I think it did.

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