Friday, March 6, 2015

I have conquered!!

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Let's talk about laundry.

It never ends. It is always there. And for years and years as hard as I tried I could never keep on top of it. There would be piles and piles waiting to get washed, and as I worked to get those piles washed there would then be new piles waiting to get put away. And when at last those piles were finally put away (days later??) there were once again baskets of dirty clothes awaiting me...and so the cycle began again. 

On Monday the 16th of February I finally said enough is enough, there has to be a way to win the laundry battle. I began evaluating what exactly the problem was and concluded that it was in the quantity. When doing laundry only once or twice  a week there was SO MUCH that it would take me the entire day to rotate it all through the washer and dryer. And because it took the entire day I never had time to get it all put away, so it would then sit piled on my bed or in baskets for days waiting to get folded. There was just too much.

So, I thought, I need to reduce the quantity so that I can get it washed and put away quickly. And the only way to reduce quantity was to increase washing frequency (are you following me?). I set forth a plan of attack:

Every morning when I wake, do two loads of laundry, one dark and one light, of all the clothes, towels, and linens that were soiled the day before. Just two loads. And then get those two loads immediately put away.

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to announce that my plan worked! I have conquered the laundry!!!! For the past two and a half weeks we have had zero laundry build up. As planned, I have done two loads each day and gotten it all put away before noon. When the children get home from school, all laundry hampers are empty and drawers and closets are full of clean and pressed clothes. 

I have conquered!

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