Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sorenson Library

Ihome should be synonymous with library,
then window sill should be synonymous with book shelf.

 photo a519d79c-2d13-46a6-8c9c-a21d7909f9c8_zpsomfsnor7.jpg  photo 3f137bf1-1a55-47e7-8f60-41b05cc332cd_zpsmhptqv57.jpg  photo 901c14d4-f4da-43cd-943d-c172776f527e_zps546xtql9.jpg
 photo 7dd8040b-9efd-44ea-82bb-35449a2e9de8_zpsfc2c8vid.jpg

Donald brought home 64 more books last night. 
That means my library grew by 106 books in 24 hours

I feel lucky. Oh, so lucky!

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