Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Story About A Doll

You might recall that when Elisabeth was in the hospital three weeks ago, Elsa was devastated. She crawled into the bed alongside her and cried tears of worry. Before she left, she nestled her treasured doll in close to Elisabeth and told her to keep it until she came home.

Little did she know how much Elisabeth would love that doll. Lizzy has always gravitated towards dolls that are soft and easy to...shall we say...bite, which is why she has quite the sock monkey collection. But Elsa's doll was the exception to the rule. She didn't reject it as she does so many toys  we try giving to her, but held it tight.

A few days after Elisabeth was discharged from the hospital I discovered the doll sitting on Elisabeth's bed along with this note:

 photo 919251da-853e-44cb-a060-651fedfea7ea_zpsep3ppakg.jpg  photo 44a862a3-75cf-4b74-8f83-1dd1b8bb2f69_zpsu99zkehf.jpg

My heart melted.

Before Elsa moved here, I wondered what she would think of Elisabeth and worried that she would be frightened by her, not having seen things like seizures and g-tubes before. I was so concerned, in fact, that I brought Elisabeth's picture with us to Ethiopia and had the doctor at the orphanage explain to Elsa about her.

But my worries were for naught. I will never forget the day Elsa first walked through our front door. Alexandra and Lorelai took her in to meet Elisabeth and Elsa just smiled with pure love and acceptance. She wasn't confused or scared. Their sisterly bond was immediate.

Yesterday morning I went in to check on Elisabeth and this is how I found her:

 photo 0ebf142b-2b65-40db-8e17-a8d3c8b4001d_zpshll4zsnq.jpg 

Fast asleep with her arm wrapped around Elsa's cherished doll, the doll she so selflessly gave to her little sister. 

I am a lucky mother. Lucky to witness such acts of love between my children. I know I am supposed to be the one teaching them about life and love and compassion, but in reality, they are the ones that teach me.

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