Thursday, June 18, 2015

Elisabeth is my Mona Lisa

The sideways glance - it's everywhere we go. When Elisabeth is out in public she attracts it; people can't help but look her way. Adults try to make it subtle - they've been taught not to stare. Children are always more bold, pointing and asking questions, but parents are quick to hush them.

I know why they look, indeed, I know why they can't help but look. Life is full of the expected, with common sights and everyday routines. So when something different appears, something that breaks up the monotony, it is near impossible not to stare. Elisabeth is unique, Elisabeth is different, Elisabeth is out of the ordinary.

But is that a bad thing? No.

We, as humans, are drawn to things of beauty. I recall seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and the Mona Lisa in Paris. Masses of people stood and stared, amazed at the sight of art so rare and valuable. Even last month while traveling in California, a Maserati passed us on the freeway. 'Look!' Donald exclaimed. Then we sped up and gazed, impressed by its luxury and elegance.

As I see it, Elisabeth is a Mona Lisa, a Sistine Chapel, a Maserati. She is rare and precious. People don't stare because they are horrified, they stare because they are mesmerized. And oh, the pride I feel when I see people look! (Truth be told, I secretly assume everyone wishes she was their own.) She is a child perfect and pure, with an angelic nature that radiates. Don't hide your stares. Come meet her, come ask questions, come let her change your life. I promise she will. She changed mine. 

Indeed, she can change the world.

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