Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Last Day 2015

The last day of...

1st grade
~ Elisabeth Elva ~

 photo d4210e15-fe5d-4bc6-b499-f2aef3c8ab75_zpslvfe9mob.jpg

1st grade
~ Elsa Lelise ~

 photo 854249fb-092e-4766-a361-66178239f0c7_zpsauyivju4.jpg  photo c947110f-1344-4e30-8435-ba69f9b56872_zps6eiuef73.jpg

Elsa with her Spanish and English teachers. Alexandra and Lorelai both had these same teachers for Kindergarten and 1st grade as well. I remember saying to them when Lorelai finished 1st grade how sad we were that we didn't have another child entering their classroom. Little did we know at that point that Elsa would join our family! On Friday, when school let out, I found myself once again saying, 'There are no more Sorenson girls to be in your class,' but then immediately thought, 'Never say never'. :)

4th grade
~ Lorelai Leigh ~

 photo 11d9982b-7d05-433f-8b23-a71aa39c3cb2_zpskt7r8nwx.jpg

In the fall Lorelai will be a 5th grader and rule the school! And not only has she been promoted to the 5th grade, but she has been promoted to a level 5 gymnast!

6th grade
~ Alexandra Louise ~

 photo d885509d-f611-45bb-aef9-64efdaa9cab8_zpscs7pvvg4.jpg

Alexandra recovered from mono in record time and was able to attend school for last day festivities. She texted me this picture mid-morning.

The now-second-graders:

 photo 6b021563-2dd3-49c1-917b-081c9b9f303c_zpsx3ynqokf.jpg

Can you tell how excited Elsa was for the last day?
All Elisabeth wanted to do was go back to bed.

 photo adcc85d7-702b-45e1-b9f0-aeac95c6c81a_zpsha77ubxc.jpg

The girls arrived at school with pineapples in hand to give to their teachers as a token of thanks.

After school we took the girls out for some celebratory shaved ice. 
Another school year in the books.

 photo b40bc8b2-20cb-49d2-a937-7c53f5319700_zpswnz4naqj.jpg

 Let summer begin!!!!

Tomorrow: The traditional year-end videos of the children speaking in Spanish!

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