Saturday, June 6, 2015

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

Wednesday was a great day for Alexandra. After struggling to see the white board at school we scheduled her an optometry appointment and she was fitted for glasses. She is thrilled to have her vision restored and is in love with her new frames.

Yes, indeed, things were looking up for Miss Alexandra.

  photo eca031f6-210e-47c9-9f66-540dc20620ad_zpsmqlxkvxs.jpg  photo 2a16217c-ec81-452a-9429-41f4771eeca9_zpstk7kbnnk.jpg

Until Thursday.

I got a text from her mid morning that said,

'I have never felt so sick in my life'. 

I arrived at her school as quick as I could (Elsa accidentally locked me out of the van - with the keys inside - but that is a whole other story). When I saw her I instantly knew she was not well. We hurried to the urgent care where she was diagnosed with mononucleosis. This news devastated her. It meant missing her leadership field trip to Red Robin the next day as well as the last week of school and all the fun and festivities that includes. She cried all afternoon, both from the pain and the depression.

 photo ce44c8ff-18f9-40d3-8277-f14dbc7af672_zpsov7hmiew.jpg

We are hoping it turns out to be a mild case meaning she would be down for a week or two rather than a month or two. With summer ahead she has performances of The Music Man, girls camp, and a few road trips on the docket - this is no time to have her energy sapped! So we are pampering her and helping her towards wellness.

Elsa even read her a book night before last:

 photo 68284e50-1190-4d18-9bb8-db659b02b8cf_zps5vcjnnjk.jpg

In other news...

Elisabeth has recovered!

She is home and feeling like herself again!

 photo 57c84c11-aaa6-4350-93fb-fd5c11e0a2f4_zpshwbyd8w5.jpg

 photo 24ed8c75-7713-47be-95ca-335e8a065e72_zps6mipehgg.jpg 

Which goes to prove, if it's not one thing it's another. 

Gotta love life!

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