Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Tiny Miracle

Once upon a time, some eight years ago, I looked at this picture and mourned:

 photo e42aaf67-13d2-4acd-9db7-fb9ca796cfbf_zpsxbqy80qp.jpg

I mourned for the child I had envisioned but would not know.

Life had given me lemons, I thought.

But as it turned out, life hadn't given me lemons at all, 
but rather the sweetest glass of lemonade ever to be. 
(So to speak)

 photo edbdec76-2ea8-43bc-aba0-8fd3a72f94cd_zps1j6oyymd.jpg  photo 68875288-149d-44d6-af45-b4a74888a441_zps2kezxkip.jpg  photo a10c4b1f-ecd3-4c83-a58e-3c5f9c2ca5b1_zpsmmtkcsjf.jpg  photo bdfb27bc-44e6-49f7-8568-55a62b91db37_zpsu6j7ogcr.jpg  photo 21472e23-3f6e-442e-bcbf-3d4952f9a01d_zpsq2mghchi.jpg  photo 90845286-8778-4c1f-b8e6-9dd97a640129_zps0uhnj4pg.jpg 

Be joyful in life, for it is beautiful and good.

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