Friday, August 14, 2015

Caretaker Extraordinaire

When Elisabeth was born, Alexandra and Lorelai were not quite three and five years old, too young to really understand the severity of her situation.

It has been amazing to watch them grow up with Elisabeth as a sister; to naturally gain an understanding of her handicaps and start taking on an active role in her care.

One thing I know for sure, they do not feel embarrassed or burdened by Elisabeth. On the contrary, they are absolutely and completely devoted to her.

A few days ago I took Alexandra to Target to purchase some school supplies and as I was about to get Elisabeth out of the van she stopped me and said, "I can do it."

So I stepped back and watched in amazement.

 photo e69138fa-82bc-4e38-b029-322d9984175a_zpsnimqhja1.jpg

First she lifted her out.

   photo 0f699ddf-3c11-4591-93eb-2bcbebd83f93_zpshdvrapos.jpg

Swiveled around.

  photo 1a8f1414-4ae4-4c1a-bebf-d3f7132b650d_zpsdnrghs5v.jpg

And safely got her into her chair.

 photo 07aac99d-ea45-4b3f-a0dd-440b4f2e5efb_zps5sjmeq1n.jpg

The final touch...binky in:

  photo 6cd3b086-eec6-4dab-abad-e48f915485a3_zpscbja2i7j.jpg  photo ced4aaab-7388-4b41-97e9-6f7a2e03c5e6_zpsu3xjmjbs.jpg 

And then she pushed Elisabeth with pride all through the store.

  photo 503f0ddb-0dd3-4ace-8594-e1b06dcdc47e_zpsrmjndx0x.jpg

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