Monday, August 17, 2015

You're Never Alone

"You're not alone, you're never alone."

I whisper that to Elisabeth often, especially in the midst of a seizure. And when I look at these pictures, I see how true those words are. Elisabeth is the pride and joy of our family. We take great care to make sure she always feels safe and loved. There is a certain reverence we have for Elisabeth, for even though her abilities and understanding are small, we know that she is greater than us all. So we protect her, we cherish her, we nurture her, we love her.

  photo 67a0be41-0320-414b-9671-9e233e7d5d45_zpssrlhd0ks.jpg  photo 095df3df-002a-4a26-84e0-62b6716f55a6_zpsj3ssrdtb.jpg  photo e266db72-9e10-4f0a-b15a-3b61b8b0f2ad_zpsnlkhcvdl.jpg  photo 5196506f-69e0-4c5b-8cbb-1796d2c9e2f9_zpszdmk1c5t.jpg  photo d5e90626-a93d-47d3-91b2-3962c909bda1_zpsu9avhaxs.jpg  photo 0d8aa8f1-e0d7-4665-865c-f0a039c11571_zpsh4hasrhx.jpg 

 photo 1e31d51f-ded5-41e7-ac8e-61a6e592a3e3_zps8oexrs0f.jpg 
  photo c09bb09e-2caa-4871-89dd-c8d6743767bd_zpsyceamflz.jpg
 photo 55844efd-2b77-4aa8-9e1d-ce85a22493fb_zpsikh3srvd.jpg   photo 9f028f39-b4fb-4d3a-932a-3e6638087b2a_zpsc1bblcbv.jpg  photo 95d11551-abe6-462b-824c-6b34950d6bad_zpslshnmgbh.jpg 
  photo 80a40c1c-8dc2-4a6f-b29b-6f063e52a8d5_zpsi7yqpznj.jpg  photo 7ac561bc-d000-4b3e-bc75-77a1ce8d8ccd_zps1apx1jcl.jpg  photo 8e68bd7e-a3ae-4d7a-b8a4-140e62c192fa_zpsytemgihz.jpg 

 photo 02e5fde8-5f4d-4d15-b121-9c037d42cc31_zpsdu6fulgk.jpg

 photo 61062ac2-8ff1-4d06-b7d3-d59bf2300685_zpsx3nlscir.jpg 

Elisabeth, the greatest Sorenson of all.

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