Monday, December 14, 2015

One Decade

This year we celebrated 10 years of living in our home. In fact, I have now lived in this home as long as I did my childhood home. Yet in my mind it seems I spent aeons living in that house in California and I feel it wasn't too long ago we bought this home. Time is funny like that. It's always the same, always steady, but life experience and perspective makes it feel otherwise.

I love this house. I find it to be absolutely perfect. Indeed, I cannot find one flaw in it. I love the layout. I love the size (not too big, not too small). I love my music parlor off the entryway. I love that my bedroom is large enough to share with Elisabeth so that she is near me every night. I love the fireplace and the warmth it provides. I love our backyard and the magical gathering place it becomes for friends and family on Summer nights. I love all the windows and the light, airy feel they provide. I love it all and I hope to live here all my days.

I feel lucky to have settled into this home at such a young age. When we moved in Alexandra was a toddler and Lorelai only 5 months old. Now Lex is a teenager starring in plays and Lorelai is a competitive gymnast who spends her (rare) free time in the family room doing handstands. And not only have I watched those two grow and learn in this house, but my number of children doubled with the birth of Elisabeth 8 years ago and the adoption of Elsa in 2013.

So much has happened in 10 years and I can only dream of all that is to come. And this home...this home will be the cornerstone of it all; the place we gather to find refuge from the turmoil of the world; the place we come to share and learn and grow.

I love this home of mine.

  photo IMG-1449591821790-V_zpsecdjnl5k.jpg 
[I took this picture through my windshield a few days ago. Thus the rain drops. 
Our home is decked out for the holidays. It is simply magical, especially at night!]

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