Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Believe in Good

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In the six weeks that I have been working as a one-on-one para-educator to a boy with cerebral palsy, I have been careful to observe what I see happening around him. Now, I am the mother of a disabled girl, so being in the company of child in a wheelchair is something I am used to, but this job provides me with a different perspective. At a school I can see how children interact with a peer who is different: how they look at him, how they talk to him, what their intentions are.

And what I have seen has renewed my hope in the human race.

These children are loving. Not only are they kind and accepting of the boy under my care, but they go above and beyond to include him, to encourage him, and to help him be his best.

I can say with absolute honesty that I have not seen even one child look down at the boy I care for. Not one word of negativity, not one look of pity, not one moment of exclusion.

Every day I have children begging to help push him, feed him, play with him and read to him, So much so that I finally made a list to keep track and assign a daily helper. And the care his peers give him is honest, pure, and loving. There are no ulterior motives, it isn't for the praise of being a good helper or for the novelty of pushing a wheelchair while walking in line. It is because he is their classmate and they love him.

One day as I was about to take my little guy to the bus his friend ran up and said, "Wait, I want to say goodbye." And then I watched as he first hugged him, and then took his face in his hands, looked him in the eyes and said, "One day you'll walk, one day you'll be strong."

Those are the moments I witness day after day. It's another reason why I feel so blessed in my job. In a world that is become increasingly more violent and hateful, I get see what's good. I see the pure and innocent spirit of children. And as I witness their love I say to myself, 'There is good in us all. Mankind is good.'

I believe that, I truly do.

Indeed, I believe in good.

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