Monday, February 15, 2016

A Hearty Review

~ February 14th ~
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Valentine's Day morning must be met with Valentine's Day goodies!

 photo 54c19154-cddd-4df8-9409-78f21285c2d6_zpssbgci6gw.jpg  photo e7fa5943-ff29-420e-8513-708df27c56c0_zpsoe8yv6rw.jpg

This year there was a red and white striped box awaiting each of the big girls.

And some candy {of course!}.
 photo IMG-1455464515345-V_zpstmdl09k5.jpg

And inside those red and white striped boxes were...stationary kits!

{And JUMBO push pins}

 photo 20160214_075001_zpsc8sniycw.jpg

After opening their gifts they ate warm cinnamon rolls covered in orange glaze.
  photo 20160214_074251_zpsd9lq3x4c.jpg

Then Elsa and Lorelai searched through our children's books to find every one with a Valentine theme.

Behold, our collection:
  photo 20160214_074434_zpsqix7k4av.jpg 

Impressive, no?

Alexandra presented me with this Valentine, written on new stationary from her Valentine box:  photo 20160214_090400_zps89l2nhwr.jpg

It was one of those letters that you keep forever. The kind, I'm sure, that I will pull out of a shoe box some 50 years from now to read and re-read and reflect upon how good life was [is].

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