Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oh, how lovely!

Four lovely things:

1. On Monday afternoon I heard Elsa talking to Elisabeth. I went and looked at them to find that Elsa was reading Elisabeth her Valentine's Day card from Oma. Lovely.
 photo 20160215_154340_zpsvwcxxzpm.jpg

2. Not an hour later, I spotted my two eight-year-olds reading. How lovely.

 photo 20160215_161448_zpscw8vhdhh.jpg

3. At school yesterday, the children in my class presented me with a bag full of Valentines:
 photo 20160216_155401_zpsywjhdr7s.jpg

If you read my post on Friday (click here), you know how much it meant to me. 'Twas simply lovely.
 photo 20160216_155452_zpsvorxao3z.jpg

4. Yesterday, Alexandra stayed home sick (not lovely) and spent her afternoon painting:
 photo 20160216_155327_zpspnjoj7ii.jpg 

And this was the masterpiece she created:
 photo 20160216_155553_zpsoludsygl.jpg 

So lovely!

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