Friday, February 12, 2016

That Woeful Day in 1987

Once upon a time, some six years ago, I told the tale of how I missed my first grade Valentine's Day party because I was sick (click here for that post). Now, when you are in the first grade, missing the Valentine's Day party is a big deal. It is such a big deal that you never forget about it and every Valentine's Day party you do attend for the rest of forever is met with extra gratitude and appreciation.

Anyways, as I have mentioned, I have worked at an elementary school since last fall. All week long the children have been buzzing with excitement towards the big Valentine's Day party on Friday (today). Secretly, I was buzzing with excitement too, because, like I said, you just don't get over missed Valentine's Day parties. And here was another chance for me to make up for that woeful day in 1987!

Then, in the the middle of the night, I was awoken by a pounding headache.

"No, no! Not today!" I thought.

Then I decided to fall back to sleep in hopes that I would wake and find that it was nothing more than fatigue. But when I did wake was worse. So I got up out of bed and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. "Perhaps I just need some fluids," I thought. But even so, I started feeling worse and worse until suddenly I was vomiting. Blah!

I was (am) so sad. I admit to tears. Of all the days to have to call in sick to work, why today? 
Why not on a boring old day when they are doing testing or something? 
Why on the day of the Valentine's Day party???

  photo IMG-1455292377833-V_zpsr0dqqq35.jpg

But as I have laid here in bed, sick and feeling sorry for myself, I realized there are a few positives. At least it was on a Friday when Donald was home to get the kids up and off to school. And at least it was today and not this weekend when I am supposed to watch Alexandra perform in her play, and Elsa dominate in her basketball game, and Lorelai compete at gymnastics. And at least it isn't the day of my Joshua Bell concert! And at least it is me and not one of the girls. Because I know how it feels to miss a Valentine's Day party (twice) and at least they don't.

And hopefully, never will.

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