Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Violinist In My CD Player

Anyone who knows me knows that Joshua Bell is my absolute favorite violinist ever. I mean, if you read this blog you've heard me talk about him here and here and here (just to name a few posts). I first discovered him early in my teen years when I was a budding violinist myself. Clearly, I can recall lying on the floor of my bedroom with his CD playing, absorbing every note he played. Plain and simple: I am a fan.

My lifelong dream has been to see him in concert. But as it is, I have been so busy...oh...raising children, and caring for a medically frail child, and adopting from across the sea that I could never justify such a luxurious experience. Until now.

Some twenty years after laying on my bedroom floor and listening intently to the great Joshua Bell play through my CD player, I am finally - FINALLY - going to see him perform!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited. Ecstatic is more like it. And as if seeing him wasn't thrilling enough, he will be performing one of my all time FAVORITE violin concertos by Max Bruch (which is one that I learned some 20 years ago when I was obsessing over the violinist in my CD player.)

9 days and counting!

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